Thursday, December 11, 2008

How Do Men Act When They Are in Love?

How do men act when they are in love is a question that almost every woman has wondered about at some point in time. Not all men scream from the rooftops when they are in love. The women in a man's life may have to second guess exactly what he's feeling simply because he's not open and honest about it. There are a few clues in his behavior that indicate that he's feeling emotionally connected to you. If you notice these when you are with him, it's safe to say he's falling for you.

One answer to the question of how do men act when they are in love can be found in how often he contacts the woman he's involved with. When a man is crazy about a woman he wants to talk with her and he really wants to be with her. If you're dating a guy and he's constantly asking when he can call you or when you two can go out, he's hooked. Unfortunately if the man you are involved with is constantly coming up with excuses for why he can't talk or be with you, he's not that invested emotionally in the relationship yet.

When a man is in love with a woman he wants to know everything there is to know about her. You can usually tell how interested a man is in you by the questions he asks you. If he asks you for details about your life he's falling for you. If a man is more interested in a casual dating relationship than a deep one he'll ask the general questions about how you're doing and if there's anything new in your life. If he goes into more detail and wants to know your favorite flower, color or the book you most liked as a child, he's feeling closer to you. This is a great way to gauge how a man feels about you.

Don't discount his body language when he's around you if you are trying to figure out where he is emotionally in the relationship. Men who are in love show it by their actions. They'll reach out to hold your hand, they'll put their hand on your back and they'll hold eye contact for longer than a few seconds at a time. If a man is doing these things, he's very interested in you.

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